Refugee Week in Year 2

On Monday we read ‘Something else’, a book about a creature that doesn’t fit in. In the story there was a chair. We talked about how the chair was welcoming and made the characters feel safe.

On Tuesday we designed our own chair that would be welcoming and safe. The children drew imaginative designs, chose their fabrics and wrote about what makes their chair special.

On Wednesday we watched a short documentary about children in a refugee camp who were given cameras and produced photos based around life at a refugee camp. We wrote about how we would feel if we needed to leave our homes suddenly, what we would bring with us and what we would miss.

On Thursday we watched a cartoon about a boy who had to leave his home and his dad and travel to another country. We talked about how our families make us happy and how we feel when we are away from our families. In the afternoon the children drew things that make them happy on pieces of fabric which we hung around our book corner. This represents the tents in the refugee camps. The pictures are memories of the things they love and cherish. The tent is a safe place.

On Friday we wrote poems about our families and we were lucky enough to share these with some parents who came in. A big thanks to everyone who came.

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