Home learning ideas for Year 3

Hi Year 3,

We are going to be putting up a regular post with extra ideas of activities for you to carry on your learning and to keep you from getting bored.  You don’t have to do all the activities on here.  They are just ideas for you.  There will be a writing prompt of the day and a daily drawing challenge as well as activities that are linked to the lessons we would be doing if we were at school together.


Don’t forget, we are also setting daily challenges on  You will have a week to complete each challenge.  Each day the sumdog challenges will have a different learning focus.

Monday: Times tables practise and the week’s spelling list

Tuesday: Grammar/English activities
Wednesday: Maths activities
Thursday: Reading activities
Friday: Catch up day where you can complete any challenges you haven’t finish from earlier in the week.


Some parents and carers have asked us about how to structure the home school day so we thought we would put together and share a suggestion of how you could break up your day to keep a routine at home.  In terms of home schooling, do what feels right for you and your family.  As with the activities, we have only shared this in case it is helpful.  Do not feel you have to do everything in the timetable.  Do as much or as little as feels right for your family to feel safe and relaxed at home.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all when we get back.



Miss Hunt and Miss Kay



2 comments on “Home learning ideas for Year 3

  1. nancy howard says:

    Hi Miss Hunt,
    Thanks loads for this. Is there a way of sending the timetable as a PDF? Struggling to read or print. Did you mention there was a way Rosa could keep in contact with you at some point? Thanks loads and hope all going well,
    Best wishes,

  2. nataliehunt says:

    Hi Nancy,
    You’re welcome. I’ve sent out an email with a word and PDF version of the timetable and blog posts. Hope that helps. Let me know if you haven’t got it and I will resend it. Rosa can email me as much as she likes and I will reply to her. I would love to hear from her! I will also give her a phone call for a chat to see what she’s been up to every now and again if you’re happy for me to do that.

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